Isabella B Shared System


What is the Shared compensation structure?


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The South African hair growth market is rapidly expanding, and huge earnings potential are possible for entrepreneurs who can jump on this business opportunity.


The business idea was created to make it possible for South African entrepreneurs to be part of the hair growth industry without needing to go through the whole development phase of products and securing all the necessary permits and licences which requires loads of capital.

All that you must worry about is getting sales and we will worry about logistics and customer service.



With this business structure you have the potential to earn R26670!

How much do you need an extra R26670?

The best thing about this structure is that the products needs to be renewed monthly. This means that it is possible for you to earn R26670 per month!

This figure can also be more depending on how many products you can sell.


Why should I Sign up?

  • You get to run your own business where you have almost no risk at all.
  • You do not need any permits or licenses.
  • No logistics- we handle deliveries, warehousing and send backs.
  • Minimal customer services- you only need to sell, we will handle the customers.
  • FREE marketing material.



How does Shared Compensation Work?


Isabella B Shared Compensation System

You simply sell to 7 individuals and get them to join your business.

These 7 do the same to 7 more individuals. And those Individuals do the same to 7 more.


All that you do is focus on growing your business and your team.

The great thing about this business structure is that each one of your team members are not employees, but people with the same vision as you.

This way a team of business owners work together.

This Diagram shows earnings potential if each team member sells only one Isabella B Hair Growth Capsules product.

Every product you personally sell you earn R20

7 X R30 (1st level Earnings)                       R210                       

49 X R40 (2nd level Earnings)                    R1960

343 X R60 (3rd level Earnings)                   R20580                              

                                                               =  R22750  


This figure can increase if your team sells more than one product each.

Not a Bad earnings potential for a business with virtually no risk at all. And you can run this business on the side.



  1. Is Isabella B Products safe to use?

Our products are designed by professionals and have been MCC approved.

  1. How long have you been operational?

Isabella B range have been operational since 2015


  1. Are you Approved by the Medical Control Council of South Africa

We have obtained all our permits and licences as required by law.


  1. Do the products work?

Our clients have reported amazing results, where some saw hair growth of 4cm in one month. They also noticed less hair loss and their hair became thicker and stronger.


  1. Can I cancel my contract?

If you feel that there are other opportunities for you then you can contact the Isabella B Office and we will remove you from our systems.



What are the costs involved?

We require an investment of R150 for administrative and registration fees.

That is R150 for your own business with developed products and marketing material.

If you earn R22750 then that means you have a Return On Investment of 150%.



Do you have any other products?

Now we also have an Argan Oil that our customers love just as much.


The Earnings potential for every product sold is:

Every product you sell you earn R20

7     X R10 = R 70

49   X R30 = R1470

343 X R40 = R13720

                   = R15260


With these products you have the potential to earn a very lucrative income.


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