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Why natural is better.

We have seen that everything is moving away from artificial and laboratory made to going green and natural, but why?

It has come to the modern consumers attention that artificial products do not provide you with the nutrients that your body needs, and in most cases it is just not healthy for you (artificial sweeteners, GMO's etc).

Laboratory made

This epiphany entered the beauty industry as well. Everyone realized that natural beauty product must also be better than laboratory products and has waaaayyy less side effects.

All natural

Environmentally save:

Conventional produced products have a negative impact on the environment. The process to produce these chemical packed products produces waste and this waste gets dumped into our rivers and grounds and even into  the air we breath in EVERY day. 

By producing and farming the ingredients the natural way you reduce chemical waste and pollution on a large scale.


Avoid Irritation

Chemical produced beauty products like cosmetics and make-up does not work with your skin but rather against it, this causes Irritation, rashes and redness on your skin (some side effects can even cause permanent damage, especially if you are allergic to these chemicals).

Naturally produce products work with the skin and the side effects and allergic reactions are greatly reduced. Leaving your skin clear of rashes and healthy.


Save Your Nose

All the artificial products contain chemical fragrances which are mixed in cocktails that gives headaches and a burning nose.

Natural products smells just like the natural ingredients and the essential oils are even used as aromatherapy.


No Strange Side Effects

Modern chemical products are given long shelf life by using a product called Parabens. This ingredients is synthetic and largely misunderstood. The side effects of this product have yet to be fully analyzed and understood. How dangerous is that! But Corporations claim for it to be save for consumption!

Natural products are preserved using natural ingredients. There may be a few people allergic to natural products, but it is far more understood and tested that the fake counterparts.

Immediate results:
Artificial products may show results the fastest, but think in the future. These unnatural chemical will cause long term damage and when your 60 years old you will look like you need an ironing and loads of concealer.
Natural products are far more gentle on the skin and hair, keeping you younger for longer. And that is our goal is it not?
Natural beauty
Go full natural in every aspect of your life and you will be the healthiest you ever been.

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