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Why Isabella B hair care products?

The modern world has taken advantage of the beauty industry and exploiting the needs of every woman to feel beautiful. The products are over-priced and the customer services are generally non-existent.

The Isabella B team is filled with a passion to provide every woman with quality products at highly competitive prices and with the best customer services possible. We aim to formulate our products from natural ingredients that specifically target hair growth and the health of your hair. 

The Isabella B brand is constantly improving to provide our customers with only the best.

Isabella B has a formal, professional look integrated into there packaging with a little touch of flavor for the classy girl. 

Isabella B hair care products are on an amazing sale when you buy 3-6 combo's! This means when you and a few friends buy together you can save even more on every purchase! Making this brand truly a steal when you buy it.

And the best part of all... Every time you buy Isabella B hair care capsules (even if it is 1 or even 100 bottles) you get free shipping inside of South Africa! If this does not motivate you to buy this amazing brand then I do not know what will.

Here is a list of the amazing ingredients packed inside this revolutionary brand.


Every ingredient inside Isabella B is there for the purpose of hair growth and hair health.

The vitamins and minerals provides your hair with all the nutrients it could possibly need.

Women have reported hairgrowth of 5-7 centimeters in one month! that is just out of this world. I suggest you try Isabella B hair care for at least 60 days and see what happens.I bet you will not be disappointed.

Isabella BIsabella B hair careIsabella B hair growth

Who Is The owner?

The owner is a woman that has been part of the modeling industry and she has experience in the beauty industry.

She believes in giving the best possible services and to provide the best quality products. She believes only in the power of natural products and tries to stay away from man made vitamins and minerals.

Her passion is beauty and serving people and seeing to there interests.

Isabella Barnard, Founder of Isabella B

Isabella Barnard- founder and CEO Isabella B

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