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Everywhere on this precious globe of ours women of all walks of life are well aware of the importance of looking beautiful. Tribes that have never seen or heard of cities use fruit pulp and different kinds of natural mixtures to make them more attractive to their male counter parts. 

In the more modern societies little girls start from a young age with dressing their dolls up and even themselves. So why is it this way? 

  1. It is programmed into a girls DNA:

It is natural for women to draw a little more attention to their most valuable attractions. Whether it is making the eyes pop or making lips look more luscious. It is programmed into their DNA to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

    2.  It is self-empowering:

Makeup is not only for attracting a suitable life partner. The feeling of beauty and perfection makes a girl feel special and unique.

This creates tremendous confidence and empowers women to do what they otherwise could not have done. The stereotype that wearing makeup is only for those that seek attention is highly inaccurate. Some women need this boost of self-esteem to give them the empowered feeling they need to get through the day.

    3. It equalizes the playing field:

Let's face it, some are just born to near perfection and others not. this is life. And we are all living in a world that brainwashed all of us to think that outer beauty is the only thing that matters ( although they are wrong). This is where makeup is a life saver. It helps to turn the average girl into a supermodel. This equalizes the playing field and no one can be left in the dark.


Makeup and men:

The modern world got highly competitive. This causes men to use every bit of leverage they got to be able to succeed in their careers.

Personally I think this hype in male hygiene is one of the wonders of the world. We now have men that take extra care of their skin and bodies so they can look better for much longer(which is extremely manly in many women's opinions) . This is great compared to the old days beer-bellied rotten tooth , hairy, sweaty men. Male grooming in my opinion is truly a miracle, but what about the makeup?

Men in the big corporate industry fight everyday to stay on top. This caused them to turn to the art of concealing their flaws and to stand out from the crowd. And this is fine , a little concealer is not a bad thing. Where things get trippy is when lipstick and mascara comes to play. But this is for the other type of man, those that need massive empowerment. Which is not a bad thing, but for me a man that looks after himself is more than enough.


Types of makeup :

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