How to get longer hair in 2019

We hate it when our hair takes forever to get to the length we want it to be.

Here are 7 tips on how to get your hair growing faster than ever.

1: Trim your hair- It goes beyond logic, but yes trimming hair helps it grow faster. By trimming you cut of broken tips which causes hair to continuously break. No broken tips = health growing hair.

2: brush hair- By brushing your hair before you go to bed will help your natural hair oils to distribute evenly across your whole scalp. preventing your hair from drying out and becoming brittle. You can also use this Amazing argan oil that is proven to help with the health of your hair.

3: less heat in the shower- Warm water damaged your hair, so when you are rinsing turn down the heat, colder water will help seal the cuticle and prevent your hair from breaking.

4:Do Not Wash daily- The worst thing you can do is to wash your hair daily. You strip your hair off of it's natural oils causing dry, brittle hair. Wash every two days or use dry shampoo if you do not like to skip a wash.

5: Vitamins- Do not skip on vitamins. Your hair is part of your body and needs nutrition to grow and be healthy. The best product on the shelf is Isabella B capsules.

6: steer clear from heating tools- Heat and hair just do not go hand in hand. The equipment works great, but your hair will not last. if you do use heating tools. Use heat protection spray to reduce the damage.

7:Say Bye to dye: Your hair will rarely be in great shape after you color it. And bleaching will for sure destroy your hair.

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