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Since the dawn of humans we as women especially fought a losing battle with the health of our hair. Split ends, dry hair, damaged follicles, hair falling out by the handful are the struggles we as women AND men as well face every single day!

I personally struggled, I was desperate to find a cure for this, I tried every home remedy and spent tons of hard earned money to get my hair to grow to a desirable length, but with next to none success I almost gave up.

One night I saw the American Kerotin website and immediately I fell in love! The pictures and reviews were astonishing and the fact that all the ingredients are Natural really got my attention.

I contacted them and bought a bottle of kerotin hair growth capsules and a bottle of argan oil. The only problem is the delivery time is 2 moths plus!

With fingers crossed I tried the wonderous remedy and after one month the results dropped my jaw wide open. I got a full 5cm growth in just ONE month! In my opinion there is nothing better for your hair. Even the Argan oil is magnificent, you just use a few drops which you only rub onto your split ends ( not your whole head, otherwise you will look like a grease ball).

I contacted them and after a long,painstaking process and a few interrogating interviews I was accepted to become an ambassador for this product in South Africa for the sole purpose of helping women who, just like me, struggle to get healthy, beautiful hair.

If you are interested in this amazing product, just visit my online store and be ready to have your hair problems fade away.


We guaranty excellent customer services with fast door to door delivery inside South Africa

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arganoil, haircare, natural, healthy, hair, women, men

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