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How to grow your hair 4 facts.


The world wide web is full of advice on how to get optimal hair growth and how to speed up your hair growth, but how true is the information? I found that it is not as accurate as you might think.


  1. Trimming your hair often promotes faster hair growth:

Frequently cutting your hair does not promote hair growth. What happens is by trimming your hair you ensure you do not develop split ends. Split ends causes thin, brittle hair which breaks of and causes your hair to be shorter.

This is important to keep your hair healthy.

  1. You are what you eat!

This is true for your body, but what about your hair?

Foods like eggs, oatmeal and onions, Brazil nuts, calcium, shellfish and bananas and raisins all promote growth, durability and thickness in hair. The upside is that hair that is good for your hair is also great for your skin and your nails!


  1. I am growing out my hair, so no more hairdressers:

ALWAYS remember that growing your hair is a long-term project. Do not let split ends take hold and make things very difficult in the future. Keep those appointments and care for your hair as if it is your smartphone!

  1. 100 Brushes a day keeps the short hair away:

In the ages before shampoos people brushed their hair a lot to distribute natural oils through the scalp to promote hair growth. The frequent brushing also increased blood flow which stimulated the follicles. But in the modern era shamppos removes these oils and by brushing often you can actually thin out and damage your hair.

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