The best hair growth product in South Africa 2020

You need to get the best hair you possibly can, but you are not sure which products are the best and which is worth your hard earned money.

There are a lot of cheap hair products on the market, but always remember, if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys. Never go for the truly cheap stuff, who knows what is in those products really?

A good price point in R400 and up for a month supply of hair growth vitamins and R250 and up for Argan oil.

Here is the best Hair growth brand in South Africa:

Hair growth vitamins:IsabellaB hair growth Vitamins

The best hair growth vitamins in South Africa is the Isabella B hair growth capsules.

These power packed hair vitamines are filled with natural ingredients that boosts hair growth and nail growth. They are also designed to strengthen hair and minimize hair loss.

On the www, website you can read about the natural ingredients and how they help.

There are women that are crazy about this brand, because they have seen results of 4cm hair growth in just one month, they also claim their hair is stringer and hairloss is way down.


The best Argan oil in South Africa:

Isabella B Argan Oil:

Best Argan Oil South Africa

This little bottle of miracle oils are packed with a combination of natural oils that is used on split ends.

You simply rub it on the tips of your hair and leave it, as simple as that.

You will see a decline in split ends and the overall health and glow of your hair will be amazing.

With this brand you can not go wrong, They also have a lot of specials running and great prices if you buy bulk. You can get a month supply of Isabella B for R450 and Argan oil for R250. Sometimes if you bundle, you can get both for R499.

Just visit 

Or call 071 872 6014

They are always happy to take your call and assist you.

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