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the 4 best South African hair treatment products 2019

South Africa is a diverse country with many cultures and believes, thus is there a lot of different methods and remedies to cure hair loss.

But in reality only a few is worth investigating as science did all the leg work for us. There are a lot of mumbo jumbo that people will believe thus verifying the placebo effect.

Here are hair growth products that are great for hair growth and proven my hundreds to work. These brands also have natural ingredients and have been formulated by scientists and experts to ensure safety and effectiveness.


4 Best hair growth products in South Africa:

We will start the list from the best to the not so best.

On number one ( the best is the South)

  1. Isabella B hair growth vitamins

These vitamines of wonder left many women with huge smiles on their faces.

Packed with natural ingredients, all researched for their hair growth capabilities and hair health potentials. The founder went out of her way to find and create products that will improve womens hair at a reasonable price, because it sucks to pay a lot and not see any results. They also went a long way to get the product certified by the correct medical institutions.

They nailed the recipe, and they are alays looking to improve and adapt. They also offer free delivery inside of South Africa.

For only R450 you get 60 capsules which can last one or two months dependant on your use. A lot of women saw results of up to 4 cm per month. But this depends on how badly your hair is damaged and also varies from person to person.

IsabellaB best hair growth product South africa

You can visit

They are extremely helpful if you call them as well, customer service is a 5/5 stars.

2. Sugarbear hair

This is a nifty design for hair growth vitamins. They have gummies you chew instead of capsules.

They come in vegeterian and also 3 different styles of ingredients. One is for hair, one is for the full body and one you take while sleeping.

They spend a lot on advertising and it works for them.

The only downside is that they are R650 because of the importing costs.

Isabella B hair growth products


3. Hairfinity

Also a famous brand with a crisp and fresh look. 

They also sell for around R550 and people like them as well.

but not yet as much as Isabella B.

Learn more about them.

4. Kerotin

They are well known in South Africa, but due to South African regulations, they were put on hold. They only recently started importing into SA again.

When buying this brand ensure that you buy from an SA stockist, because the US depertment is neglecting on customer services. But all in all they are a good brand. Valued at R400-R500 for a month supply

Isabella b hair care SA




Isabella B is the winner on quality,results and value for your money.

They also have great specials and you save even more when you buy in bundles

Hair growth vitamins and argan oil for only R499.

Shipping included.



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