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Argan Oil South Africa 2019

Argan oil has been used in Morocco for centuries for its health and cosmetic benefits. Its beneficial effects have been discovered recently by the modern cosmetic industry. Isabella B argan oil is 100% pure and is loaded with vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It also replenishes damaged hair, leaving it soft and silky. As argan oil is edible, it is safe to use on all hair.

IB argan oil helps prevent your hair from the damages caused by the sun, pollution, stress and harsh weather. It penetrates deeply into the hair follicle, keeping it hydrated. isabella B brand offers a range of beauty products that are pure and gentle. Argan oil from IB is 100% pure, which nourishes your hair. As it is lightweight, you can use it as a daily moisturizer. Applying a few drops of argan oil all over your roots can help give your hair that extra hydration to diminish dryness and split ends.


More benefits of IB Argan oil. It offers plenty of benefits to your hair. It penetrates your hair shafts and stimulates hair growth. It moisturizes the hair naturally and prevents dry scalp and hair dryness. It strengthens hair roots, making your hair strong and luscious. Applying a few drops of IB argan oil over your scalp / split ends and massaging with your finger tip can help you get rid of frizzes, split ends and other hair problems.

Isabella B Argan oil

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