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About Isabella B natural hair care products

We all have dreams and Isabella b is the dream of a vibrant, compassionate and loving Isabella Barnard.

She came up with the product after she struggle for years with hairloss and a receding hair line. But the most fundamental part was designing a product that is affordable, effective and is formulated from natural products.

After numerous research and trials, the completed product was created, and every person who has used the product thus far is smiling from hair to hair.

Unbelievable hair growth was reported in only a short period of time, the customers hair was proven to be more healthy and they have reported their hair to be thicker and fuller as well.


Here is a list of the natural ingredients, give them a look.

The Founder and CEO of Isabella B - Isabella Barnard- explained that the mission of the brand is to provide every woman with quality hair growth products at a fair price with the best possible customer service they can give.



Isabella Barnard said she named the brand after her own name, because she has so much trust in the brand that she is willing to put her name on the line. She explains that IB is her passion and love and would do everything she can to keep the brand great in the eyes of the customer.


Isabella B haircare

It is the initials for Isabella B, but if you look closer you will see that the I and the B is in the shape of a butterfly. Isabella said that this symbolizes the natural aspect of the brand and that the butterfly is also a metaphor for the new age of hair growth products.( a worm becomes a pupae and then a butterfly).


As you can see this brand is all about results, natural products and customer services. What more is there you want from a product?

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