7 things you are doing wrong with thin hair

Female Hair Loss By The Numbers

Female hair loss may not seem to be a prevalent condition, but the data doesn’t lie. Review the following statistics to learn more about alopecia in women:

  • 25 percent have thinned or lost hair
  • 95 percent of female hair loss is androgenetic, meaning that it results from hormonal changes, as in pregnancy or menopause
  • During menopause, 4 out of 10 women suffer from thinning hair
  • Over 50 percent of women over age 65 have reported thinning hair
  • In a 2012 study by the National Institutes of Health, 29 percent of women suffering from hair loss reported two or more symptoms of depression
  • 21 million American women currently suffer from some form of alopecia
  • 12 percent of women with hair loss pursue restoration treatment, as compared with 20 percent of male alopecia sufferers
  • 80 percent of women experience noticeable hair loss by the age of 60
  • 40 percent of all alopecia patients are female

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7 Things women with thin hair are doing wrong:

  1. You are avoiding Haircuts: Broken ends will make your hair look terrible. It is wise to get a clean-up haircut once a month.
  2. Making your pony to tight: It may be the fastest and easiest thing to do when in a hurry. But be cautious. Your hair can break very easily when you put to much strain on it. Especially when your hair is wet. Wet hair overstretches and when you put extra pull on them they will break.
  3. Frequent use of hair oil: over-using hair oil will cause your hair to stick to your scalp, causing your hair to look dirty, flat and dull.
  4. Not conditioning: It makes sense to think conditioning hair will make your hair look flat. But that is not true. It is very important for women with thin hair to purchase the correct type of conditioner. Volumizing conditioner will help thin hair to get body and to look lush.
  5. Wash, wash and over wash: Washing hair daily can thin and dry out your hair, making them extremely brittle. If you are worried about dirty hair you can use dry hair shampoo.
  6. Not taking multi-vitamins: Your hair needs vitamins and minerals to help with growth and hair health. We recommend Isabella B hair growth capsules. This amazing product is packed with natural ingredients with all of them focusing on your hair.Isabella B hair growth
  7. Extensions: These are a great option for a fast full head of hair, but it must be kept to a minimum. Over-using hair extensions will break your hair and cause scarring Alopecia.




To recap:

  1. Cut hair
  2. No tight ponytails
  3. Keep hair oil to a minimum
  4. Use volumizing conditioner
  5. Do not wash hair daily
  6. Take Isabella B hair growth capsules
  7. Keep extensions to a minimum

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