5 ways to stop wrinkles

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Wrinkles, the one thing men and women dread. This is one of the worst signs of aging and also something that can not be stopped.

But we have 5 ways to slow down the process.

5 ways:

  1. Do you sleep on your stomach?: This is one of the most common reasons for speeded wrinkling. The pillow wrinkles on your face every night is not ideal. Try sleeping on your back instead.causes of wrinkles
  2. Use sunscreen- It has been proven that exposure to harse UV rays will destroy your skin and is also a leading cause for speedy aging. Use a high quality, alcohol free sunscreen.5 causes of wrinkles
  3. Hydrate,Hydrate,Hydrate- Drink your 8 glasses of water a day. Your body and skin needs to be hydrated at all times to function optimally.
  4. Slow down on alcohol- Alcohol dehydrates you, and your skin needs to stay hydrated. If you had something to drink, then also drink more water.
  5. Sleep- You need sleep to look good. Your body repairs itself when you sleep, and your skin needs to stay maintained every day. But not on your stomach.

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