5 things you do to really damage your hair

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1. Bad bathroom habits.
You already know by now that washing your hair everyday and showering with scorching hot water destroys hair. But what else in a bathroom is dangerous for your hair.

The other giant mistake you make is by rubbing your hair dry with a towel, this damages hair and breaks it. Instead dab a towel on your hair and let the towel absorb the water.

And remember, never use a hair dryer at full blown heat, this will dry your hair and make it brittle .  


When you are in the sun wear a hat, the hat will keep your face out of the sun as well, it is a win win.
Sun damaged hair

3. Top knots.
The new fashionable hair terror. When you tighten your hair to much the friction and constant tuggin will cause your hair to break  and be ruined.So avoid all weaves, high ponytails, dreads etc. 


4. Sleeping on it.
Do not try to lose sleep now. What I mean by this is that brittle, weak hair will break of when you toss and turn all night. Keep your hair healthy and treat it before you go to sleep. This will make your hair stronger and more elastic, preventing it from breaking so easily.

sleeping on damaged hair

5. Bad hair products.
Be careful which products and brands you buy for your hair. Read the ingredient list and be sure what is added to the products. The best hair products are natural products. these are safe for your hair and your health, the side effects are drastically reduced and the results are far better.

Try Isabella B products and you will see what I mean or the website.

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