4 reasons why men are have more hair than women.

When it comes to body hair, it is evident that men grow more of it than women. The most obvious of this body hair growth is undoubtedly facial hair. 

Other than the facial hair, a lot of men also have hair on their arms and legs and even on their backs. 

Many years before, men and women were evidently hairier than how we are now. Eventually, a point came where the humans evolved and grew less hair. Why is it, though, that the men retained the growth of facial hair and on other body parts compared to the women?

Perhaps the most obvious answer to this is hormones such as testosterone and the fact that men have androgens at a much higher level. This then causes the growth of hair that is much thicker and coarser around the face, the armpits and pubic areas. 

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However, there are many interesting theories surrounding the question of why men grow more body hair. 

#1 Darwin’s Theories 

Charles Darwin, one of the most well-known contributors to science, theorised that men also evolved, much like animals, to attract mates and scare off their rivals. This is much like how animals such as the lion with their large manes, exert their dominance and how male peacocks display their feathers to attract their partners. Hence, women in the past may have perceived a healthy beard as signs of good health and genetics in men. 

This theory can also be relatable as to how men with beards these days are perceived as stronger and more dominant. 

#2 Maturity and Masculinity 

There is the belief and notion that men with beards are seen as more mature and masculine. The beards can make them appear as if they have more experience and a higher status than of younger men and those with less or lighter beards. 

There have also been psychological studies that have discovered that many individuals perceive men with beards as people who are more aggressive. 

#3 Culture and Style 

In today’s world, some men grow beards for culture and style. This is also evident in the past as studies have also shown that beards were in fashion between the years of 1971 and 1842 as there was a higher number of men and less women. Hence, those males could have grown beards to rival others and to attract the females.

#4 Women Evolved To Have Less Hair 

In the past, it was evident that women were much hairier all over the body and were much like the men.

However, there have been theories that suggested that women evolved to grow less hair as body hair was perceived to be less attractive and discouraged men.

Darwin also theorised that women without facial hair may have been naturally selected by the men.

All in all, these theories and reasons are interesting takes on why men grow beards and more body hair than women. Hence, the growth of thicker and coarser hair on their face, armpits, arms, legs and backs are perceived as normal. 

It is unfortunate, however, that there are men who grow hair excessively. This occurrence can then cause men to feel less confident about their looks. 

The hair can make their features disproportionate and can make them look much older than how they are. When the excessive growth of hair becomes more of an inconvenience rather than something to be proud of, traditional hair removal methods may no longer be enough. 

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Here at Permanence Hair Removal, we also believe that men should have the chance to feel confident in their hair-free skins. 

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